BBalanced Clinical Pilates & Massage

Pilates classes in Worthing, Pulborough, Emsworth, West Sussex, Hampshire

Why Exercise with us?

BBalanced offers a combination of Remedial / Sports Massage with Postural Exercise in an incredibly effective way combatting and, in most cases, greatly reducing postural pain.
Remedial Massage helps alleviate tight, painful muscles and treat soft tissue injuries such as muscle, ligament and tendon strains & sprains. It helps speed up and complete the healing process. It helps keep your body flexi
... ble and helps improve overall strength and performance.
I also provide a wealth of experience spanning 15 yrs working in postural correction (also fall prevention for the more fragile) through Clinical Pilates mixed with other stability and balance exercises. All my classes are safe (not easy!) and I cater for many conditions including arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, cancer recovery, stroke, joint replacements, Repetitive Strain Injuries to name a few.

I am happy to discuss your needs over the phone before booking treatment.
Insured By: Balens

Insured By: Balens
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